Sex is an important factor in family life. Many of the divorces have happened for lack of proper sex between the couples. Many men have complained of erection problems, which have led to many family problems. With Viagra there is nothing to worry as this drug has shown itself to be good against impotency. One viagra tablet can make your life better.

How Viagra works?

Blood and erection are very much related. It has been said that good erection comes when there is a constant blood flow in the penis. When Viagra is taken, the muscles get relaxed, which means more volume for the blood to flow. It has also been seen that the erection lasts for many hours.

How to take Viagra?

Viagra tablet has to be used about 45 to 60 minutes before you like to have sex with your partner. The adults are prescribed 50 mg viagra tablets. Well, the elderly persons are only prescribed of this dose, as they are more prone to the side effects.

When taking viagra, make sure that you do not use larger doses. If you feel of having taken an overdose of Viagra, call the doctor immediately. If you are using Viagra, make it a point to have a gap of 24 hours in between two doses.

What to discuss with the doctor?

Keep in mind not to use viagra on your own. If you are having any impotency problems, it is good if you consult the doctor. When consulting, make sure that you do not leave out any of your health problems with him. The physician can only prescribe the proper viagra dosage only if he understands your condition in detail.

Inform the physician in detail if you have any issues related to your penis, diseases of the heart liver, kidney or blood and any blood related problems.

Vital Information when using Viagra

You should always be careful when taking Viagra along with other medicines as some of the drugs are known to interact with this impotency drug. Viagra should never be taken if you are using any nitrate-based medicine as combining the two drugs may lead to a drop of the blood pressure, which could cause heart attack or stroke.

Viagra is also known to decrease the flow of blood into the optic nerve, which may be led to sudden vision loss. However, it is not confirmed if viagra is a cause to this condition as only persons having diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure has lost their vision.

Another thing that one has to be careful of is about prolonged erections. After taking viagra pills, some have come across long erections, longer than the normal hours. This is not good as erection lasting long can only damage the penis.

What to avoid

Grape juice, grape fruit and alcohol should have to be given up while taking viagra drug. Viagra should also be discarded if a person is having any allergies to it.

Side effects

All drugs come with allergic reactions and side effects. However, there is nothing to worry of the side effects that come with viagra as they do not last longer and are not that severe.